About Source IE

Source IE, LLC is a website design and custom content creation firm located in NE South Dakota.  Since beginning my online journey in 1997, I have been a part of many successful ventures.  Learning valuable lessons along the way.

My experience:
- Web Design
-Promotions and  Email Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Ecommerce Platforms
Manufacturing and Importing Products
Generated well over $20 million in ecommerce sales
Successfully developed and exited 3 companies 

No website or project is too big or too small. .

I've established strategic partnerships with manufacturers, resellers, importers, and exporters to provide comprehensive support for their content and procurement needs. With our extensive expertise in competitive research, Chinese manufacturing, and global exporting, including regions such as Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, and Europe, we are dedicated to delivering dependable and efficient procurement solutions.

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